Surfing Canada in a snow storm

Winter seems to be here again. Better stick your boards in the garage and hang up your board shorts until summer right? Wrong. Go buy some more rubber and get in there you bunch of pansies…


  1. Plenty more surfing days to come this winter, then, Penfold?
    Think I’ll watch this again next August. Looks like an advert for the British Antarctic Survey’s recruitment campaign – “surf in the long summer days on secluded beaches . . .”
    Thanks for posting it, I like it!

    1. I like the winter for surfing, good waves and no crowds. The ‘ice-cream’ headaches can be a tad harsh when it gets near zero degrees! Luckily wetsuits are a lot better than they used to be…

  2. Looks refreshing. We are a mere 500km from the Lofoten archipeligo, so if you fancy some winter waves you can always come and visit. Winter building is another favourite sport here, below -20 the tools start struggling a little though.

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