Twitter notification tweet sound

jay in fig tree

Having recently lost my Twitter virginity I was slightly confused by the utter pointlessness of knowing what a gazillion people that I don’t know were having for breakfast. That, coupled with the general clunkiness of the whole Twitter experience (having to refresh to get updates being the main issue) nearly led to my Twittery demise.

However, I have since discovered Twitterfox, which is a Firefox plugin (you still use Internet Explorer? Shame on you internet dinosaur person…) that neatly puts Twitter into a tiny pop-up window in the corner of your browser. It updates automatically and allows you to have a notification sound file. I have a nice tweety bird singing like it was a fresh day in spring when a friend adds a Tweet (which it is coincidentally – so that’s all panned out beautifully).

If you want to use the same tweety bird singing then right click on the link below and save to your ‘my sounds’ folder.

tweety bird sound file

I have a plethera of short, non-offensive sound files. If anybody wants me to post them  just let me know.

I didn’t surf today. Going next week I think. Yay…