Strictly by candle light…

A million years ago when I had hair and Ronald Reagan was having a career change we used to sit around an open fire, playing instruments, singing songs. We drank, we smoked, we fell over in the mud. Portugal was a natural place to be – we had no mains electricity or water. No mobile phones, laptops or televisions.

And we didn’t miss any of it.

Yesterday the power went out during a storm, stayed out all day and well into the night. It stayed out long enough to warrant forraging for candles and long enough to miss my fave TV shows. I stomped around for a bit, attempted to mend a generator in the dark (managing to cut my finger and get petrol in the cut) and finally slumped into a candlelit sofa with a guitar.

I had a nice evening. It reminded me of days gone by and gave me a chance to reflect on the things we take for granted.

When the power came on at around ten I slipped into bed having filled my mind with pure and natural thoughts about the way the world was, the way it should be and the way it could be again. I did quickly check my emails and watched the X Factor final first….

I didn’t surf today. One day I will….