Hidden meaning…


…I was doodling again and realised that this drawing may confuse some people who cannot fathom the hidden meaning behind this rather momentous piece of art.

I could regurgitate a montribal spew using words like juxtaposition, unrealised potential and dichotomous tension.

But in the end it’s just a naked man in a spotlight with a banana hanging over his head (you can see it full size at my flickr page).

I didn’t surf today.

Weather report – Portugal…

windy climb

…blustery doesn’t quite cut it when trying to describe the last 24 hours on the west coast of Portugal. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised to see a cow fly past the window.

Unfortunately this has turned the sea into a seething mass of white angriness reducing my wavecount for the week to single figures. Luckily (?) this will give my recent (courtesy of Ryan Air) sinus hemorrhage time to heal – a fairly disgusting and traumatic ordeal that has somehow diminished my previous love for low-budget airlines.

I didn’t surf today – but I did have time to do a doodle (more at Flickr)