Kitsch in sync

My apologies – it’s been a while since I’ve whipped out my digital decks and spun a few tunes out into the spacernet. This is a small eclectic mix of the groovy house variety. A bit of mooch, bump, jiggle and the odd bit of ‘hmmmm that’s nice Max….’ would not be inappropriate. Except if… Continue reading Kitsch in sync

What shall I write a blog post about…?

…please send answers on a postcard to the ‘Penfold doesn’t know what to write about competition’. Prizes may include: A post dedicated to you. A pair of DaddyP‘s underpants (chemically cleaned by professionals). A free subscription to Twitter. Private surf lessons from Tango in a bikini. Breast enhancement surgery from the Penfold carpentry workshop. Of… Continue reading What shall I write a blog post about…?