The butterfly effect. Again…

There are an infinite number of possible paths that may have led to every moment in your life but they all somehow get to the same point. Much like how you always end up with a jumbo set of neon coloured freezer bag clips in your man bag whenever you come home from Ikea no matter which convoluted path round the big blue and yellow shop you take. Some call this fate or destiny some dwell upon the mysteries of Karma others just call it dumb fucking luck. Continue reading “The butterfly effect. Again…”

The Big One…

…actually it’s a very short one. The film that is.

I cobbled together a short animation of my chubby, punk surfer from chapter 9 of Papersurfer. If you already have the book you can recreate this effect at home with a small pot of white paint, a sharp pair of scissors, some ordinary household bleach and a can of peaches.

The soundtrack I’ve chosen is ‘F-stop blues’. It was written by Jack Johnson during his filming of ‘September Sessions’ – a very excellent surf movie filmed in South East Asia. I chose it partly because I like the song and the film but mostly because I know several people who find Jack Johnson exceedingly annoying.

I didn’t surf today.

Broken wires

A dirty dub disco mix to help you groove around the garden shed on a Sunday afternoon. You may be mending the lawnmower or planting some seed trays. Or just getting away from your husband. Sheds aren’t just for men you know…

Apologies for the occasional crackle. An unknown broken wire somewhere in the loop….

(This may be a common theme for mix titles – whatever went wrong during the process of making it.)

Tracklist (all on vinyl played on 1210s):

  • Party stomp by Fresh Juice on irecordings
  • I gotcha dancin’ by Eddie Matos on 83 West
  • Feel so good by Fresh Juice (again)
  • Funkpusher by Miguel Migs on Large
  • Hard bread by Inland Knights on 2020 vision
  • Just right by Nightsource on Naked
  • Slip away by Futuresoul on Black Vinyl

A fun day in…

…fuelled by a grade 3 hangover and a cheese and ham sandwich I undertook the massive challenge of moving Papersurfer from one hosting company to another. Not content with the overwhelming complexity of the task at hand I also decided a new theme design would be in order. A somewhat foolish errand but overall things have unfurled very smoothly.

Having read several articles on ‘mySQL migration’ and ‘database management’ I opted for completely ignoring them and instead went for pressing the big button that said ‘EXPORT’ in my dashboard then I went to my new blog site (a one-click install of WordPress at Dreamhost) and clicked the big button that said ‘IMPORT’.

I wouldn’t attempt this sequence of actions unless you fully understand the consequences of those 2 instructions and have the appropriate sofa equipment to support you for the rest of the day that you now have spare…

I didn’t surf today. I was being very technical and boffiny…