Broken wires

A dirty dub disco mix to help you groove around the garden shed on a Sunday afternoon. You may be mending the lawnmower or planting some seed trays. Or just getting away from your husband. Sheds aren’t just for men you know…

Apologies for the occasional crackle. An unknown broken wire somewhere in the loop….

(This may be a common theme for mix titles – whatever went wrong during the process of making it.)

Tracklist (all on vinyl played on 1210s):

  • Party stomp by Fresh Juice on irecordings
  • I gotcha dancin’ by Eddie Matos on 83 West
  • Feel so good by Fresh Juice (again)
  • Funkpusher by Miguel Migs on Large
  • Hard bread by Inland Knights on 2020 vision
  • Just right by Nightsource on Naked
  • Slip away by Futuresoul on Black Vinyl

Blunt needles

This is a moochy, groovy, bouncy kind of thing. Nice for doing a spot of light housework to or maybe even taking a casual saunter across a windswept park. You might meet a stranger next to the water fountain, fall in love, have seven children and call one of them Egbert.

Or not – the choice is yours…

Two things are fairly apparent upon relistening:

  1. my needles are about as sharp as the wit at an accountants’ convention in Helsinki in the merry month of dismay and…
  2. if I keep practicing I met get the hang of this mixing lark (eventually).

Track list:

  • Burning (burning hot mix) by Pépé Bradock adn the Grand Brûlés choir on Kif
  • Gummibjorn by Huba Buba on Black Jesus records
  • Sol Patrol by Summer transport on Sense records
  • Frogg’z Congaz (Matty & JP’s keys mix) by Romatt on Chez records
  • Soul doing dishes (Luke Fair mix) by Jas on Yoshiyoti recordings
  • Southern girls by Projections on Guidance recordings
  • Show me love by Skydiver on Weekend World

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Touch the sky

moody sky

This tune has undergone vast changes recently. It transformed from a strange pixie waltz to a deranged calypso and finally settled as it is.

Currently a moochy, groovy thing. Formulated in Cubase again – with hints of Toni Braxton but not enough to upset anybody…

WARNING: Do NOT play on laptop speakers as the lack of bass may affect your grooviness.

(I’ve started to upload at 96 Kbps so it downloads quicker for people with slower connections – if you want a higher quality file please let me know)

It started with a kiss…

…actually it started with a certain Tango (grrr) leaving a comment at Papersurfer nearly one year ago. She thanked me for making her smile which made me smile. I drifted through her blog and flickr pages and smiled some more. A cheeky email later and we started to chat on messenger. A lot. It was the great messengerathon of 2008 that lasted for many hours of every day for many weeks. Finally we decided to make the leap from virtual to reality and meet for a ‘quick drink’ somewhere in the 5098 miles (at a guess) that separated us and plumped for the fair city of Dublin.

At Dublin International Airport our eyes met across a not very crowded arrivals lounge and we held each other for the first time. The quick drink turned into 2 weeks that stretched from Dublin to Faro. Since then we’ve been to Sri Lanka, the United States of America and British Columbia. We’ve even been to Eastbourne in Sussex.

Next week Tango arrives in Portugal again, this time to stay for good. It’s scary and exciting and I can’t wait for the next chapter in the ‘Ongoing chronicles of Penfold and Tango’ to begin…

I didn’t surf today. Better do some housework PDQ…

Hidden meaning…


…I was doodling again and realised that this drawing may confuse some people who cannot fathom the hidden meaning behind this rather momentous piece of art.

I could regurgitate a montribal spew using words like juxtaposition, unrealised potential and dichotomous tension.

But in the end it’s just a naked man in a spotlight with a banana hanging over his head (you can see it full size at my flickr page).

I didn’t surf today.

Weather report – Portugal…

windy climb

…blustery doesn’t quite cut it when trying to describe the last 24 hours on the west coast of Portugal. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised to see a cow fly past the window.

Unfortunately this has turned the sea into a seething mass of white angriness reducing my wavecount for the week to single figures. Luckily (?) this will give my recent (courtesy of Ryan Air) sinus hemorrhage time to heal – a fairly disgusting and traumatic ordeal that has somehow diminished my previous love for low-budget airlines.

I didn’t surf today – but I did have time to do a doodle (more at Flickr)

A glimpse of the real Portugal…

stone village above Lousã

…is still visible if you know where to look for it.

Progress has been marching through western Iberia like a premenstrual Croatian federation wrestler on her way through the chocolate aisle at Asda (Sidcup branch). Tarmac and concrete seem to be enveloping the countryside – new roads bringing prefabricated apartment blocks, supermarkets and petrol stations that spring up like Ikea wardrobes out of a box.

Of course some things seem welcome – who doesn’t want Häagen Daz close enough to home that it won’t melt on the journey back? Or roads that no longer pummel your suspension and tyres into the scrapyard on a jaunt to the Post Office? I love Heinz baked beans, mobile phone technology and electricity is quite good too…

…but the Portugal that I saw when I first came here, the Portugal that was taken to church behind a donkey or bartered for at the market for a bag of carrots and a chicken seems to have evaporated and been replaced with shiny new Seat Puntos and 50″ plasma TVs. I love the old Portugal and it is still out there – you just have to drive a little further into the hills.

I saw an interview on TV today asking an old man in a mountain village if they wanted a cashpoint machine in their village (ATM) and he replied – “we don’t use money – why would we want a bank…?”

I didn’t surf today.