The World Blog Council…


…somebody in that office actually took the time to send me this rejected certificate (probably that dried up old haddock Ms Tutt – the female equivalent of a git if I ever I met one).

Everywhere I go that pompous wazzock (who thinks he’s a real Colonel) has been there before, spreading his outdated principals and antiquated drivel. Oh and don’t get me started on Frau Von Sauertraut stomping around the Blogosphere like a Gestapo agent – reciting mandate and dictating procedure (although I do find her strangely attractive… interesting).

Sod ’em I say. This is the *BLT right here – if anyone wants to rise up in rebellion against these totalitarian dinosaurs then join hands with me brothers and sisters. Let’s fight the system. This is a revolution!

Well it would be if I could be bothered. I’m going back to bed. Nite x.

I didn’t surf today. I was too busy burning my man-bra.

*Blogworld Liberation Tigers