i before e

i before e

  1. 1,246 screws
  2. 722 pieces of timber
  3. 36 litres of cuprinol
  4. 47 sheets of polystyrene insulation board
  5. 1,438 roof tiles
  6. 2 splinters
  7. 1 mystery bruise on my left elbow

…the final result being a roof (and a ceiling depending on where you’re standing) – a huge psychological barrier broken and protection from sun and rain to continue the work inside.

More photos (inside and out) can be found here.

I didn’t surf today. I may need a break though…

Rain dance…

…if you want it to rain just follow a few simple guidelines:

First cut some fresh garlic picked on the full moon, then carefully slice some newly slaughtered flesh (bacon or ham will do), wash some lettuce and a tomato then get some mayonaise (preferably Hellmans) from the fridge. None of this will make it rain but you will have a delicious and nutritious lunch.

To really encourage precipitation of a vertical nature then simply spend a few days carefully, painstakingly, (with skill and cunning) creating a perfect roof from well-seasoned timber; choosing a time of year when the merest whisp of a cloud is a scarcity indeed. Then stand back and admire your work as the first rumble of thunder meanders through the valley…

No – the tiles aren’t on yet. Yes – it will be buggered if it really does rain.

Anyone else having a good week?

I didn’t surf today.

PS – 17 bonus points if you know who painted the above rainscape.