Fake Dalai Lama scams Twitterers…

…it’s good to know that the spiritual leaders of the world are keeping in touch with the common man. Not only does tha Dalai Lama have his own homepage but he also has a devious doppleganger Tweeting like the wind on his behalf – spreading dubiously derived wise words and fake love across the globe. Aparrently the nefarious wannabe had over 16,000 followers before the Twitter authorities saw through his evil plan.

This recent scandal in the microblogging world that is Twitter just adds to my vague scepticism even though I do dabble occasionally myself. If however, your ambition is to fill all the tiny spaces of the internet with completely useless information and inane wafflings then this will of course be most beneficial to your quest.

If you want to listen to more pap and nonsense then check out the following Twitterers…

Stephen Fry (very funny)

Tango (grrr) (exceedingly hot)

Daddy Papersurfer (prolificly idiotic)

Papersurfer (very handsome, witty and charming – allegedly)

God (omnipotent entity that created the universe – also allegedly)

I didn’t surf today. So stop asking.