Too old to skate?

The majority of people cruising into middle-age might mark the transition with an instigation of a pension plan or buying some nice brown slacks. I realised today that I may be in the midst of some form of denial period of my life and although my cranial follicle count is dwindling on a daily basis and my previously ginger beard is thankfully turning grey I still believe myself to be in my late teens.

I have decided to confront my current dilemma with a very important compromise to my previously youthful exuberence and have been shopping online for a new skateboard. No longer shall I be riding a 29″ x 8″ deck with 50mm hard wheels but am buying an old man’s cruiser with a 38″ x 9.25″ deck bearing 60mm soft wheels. Bearing in mind that I am a truly rubbish skater this is a very sensible and mature move.

I no longer bounce when I hit concrete – just a dull thudding noise followed by a small whimper.

Other modifications to ease the passage into the twilight years of my life shall include having less tattoos done this year, paying my tax bill and eating slightly more leafy, green salads.


I didn’t surf today. I fear I may be repeating myself.