Kitsch in sync


My apologies – it’s been a while since I’ve whipped out my digital decks and spun a few tunes out into the spacernet. This is a small eclectic mix of the groovy house variety. A bit of mooch, bump, jiggle and the odd bit of ‘hmmmm that’s nice Max….’ would not be inappropriate. Except if the in-laws are staying – then you need to keep it to yourself…

The tracks are as follows (MP3 on VDJ7):

  • Kackvogel (original mix) – Solomun
  • Movin’ Chris James refix
  • Leadbelly (original)
  • Sally – Adam Port
  • Tread deep – DJ Haze
  • Need in me – Flashmob
  • Gloryhunter
  • The more I want – Eivissa
  • A better World – Fred Everything & Giom

(A big thank you to all 14,855 people that have downloaded my podcasts in the last few years! It seems that the Americans, Brits, German and Chinese are the biggest house fans out there, closely followed by the Japanese, French, Australian and a few Russians. The Dutch and ‘Others’ need to get more involved….)

It started with a kiss…

…actually it started with a certain Tango (grrr) leaving a comment at Papersurfer nearly one year ago. She thanked me for making her smile which made me smile. I drifted through her blog and flickr pages and smiled some more. A cheeky email later and we started to chat on messenger. A lot. It was the great messengerathon of 2008 that lasted for many hours of every day for many weeks. Finally we decided to make the leap from virtual to reality and meet for a ‘quick drink’ somewhere in the 5098 miles (at a guess) that separated us and plumped for the fair city of Dublin.

At Dublin International Airport our eyes met across a not very crowded arrivals lounge and we held each other for the first time. The quick drink turned into 2 weeks that stretched from Dublin to Faro. Since then we’ve been to Sri Lanka, the United States of America and British Columbia. We’ve even been to Eastbourne in Sussex.

Next week Tango arrives in Portugal again, this time to stay for good. It’s scary and exciting and I can’t wait for the next chapter in the ‘Ongoing chronicles of Penfold and Tango’ to begin…

I didn’t surf today. Better do some housework PDQ…

You can take the girl out of the city…

Tango (grrr) at sunset

I was worried that Tango (grrr) would miss the dulcet tones of the Vancouver Fire Department blaring it’s way down West Broadway at ridiculous o’clock or the benign rantings of the local window-licker arguing Russian politics with a bus stop. A lifetime in the city is a powerful draw – midnight delicatessan runs, Malasian takeouts, theatre, film and cultural manifestations on every corner. Being plucked from it’s hectic but somehow nurturing arms can leave you confronted with a great deal of space and quiet that can only be filled by your own thoughts…

Tango is looking pretty darned fine in the country too.

I didn’t surf today. I was too busy gazing…