Introducing the micro novel

I was going to write a post introducing a list of the best micro novels currently in progress on the internet. These are works of fiction presented in tiny chunks of text via a micro-blogging platform such as Twitter or Facebook. A seemingly brilliant notion that panders to the world’s attention deficit disorder. No rambling… Continue reading Introducing the micro novel

Social networking – the end of the world?

A simple discussion with the gorgeous Tango (grrr) recently ended in a rather startling conclusion: It began with the simple thought that social networking websites are an incredibly efficient waste of time when you’re not working and of course that led to the thought that there must be an enormous percentage of office workers online… Continue reading Social networking – the end of the world?

Twitter notification tweet sound

Having recently lost my Twitter virginity I was slightly confused by the utter pointlessness of knowing what a gazillion people that I don’t know were having for breakfast. That, coupled with the general clunkiness of the whole Twitter experience (having to refresh to get updates being the main issue) nearly led to my Twittery demise.… Continue reading Twitter notification tweet sound