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Many thanks to my dear old git for tagging me. Twice.

Numero uno – 5 local eateries that are gastronomically exquisite.

Numero tuo – big blogger 2007. Big Brother for bloggers.

The first is easy – there are no places worth eating at within spitting distance of my humble abode. The local restaurants although provide good solid nourishment do not tend to excite my mouth.
So I’m going global.

Breakfast – the Hummingbird cafe – just west of the business district in sunny New Orleans, Louisiana in the good ol’ US of A. Best easy over on rye you’ll find on the Gulf of Mexico.

Brunch – cup of tea and a bacon butty from the van in the middle of Clapham Common. Best served with a medium to large hangover.

Lunch – ‘Whole Earth’ vegetarian restaurant on the outskirts of Chang Mai for some light and crispy tempura and some jasmine tea on the veranda overlooking the tranquil orchid gardens.

Afternoon tea and cake – Arc cafe in Dunedin, NZ for perfectly moist carrot cake and random hippy herbal infusion.

Dinner – rump steak and giant chips at the Chelsea Arts club, London. Exquisite.

As for tagging five other bloggers with the same thing – I’ve decided to tag the five newest bloggers from fuelmyblog and see what happens…

I tag shutterbug74 powerofbloggers 3dabliu lsmagazine and rukawa1108 (they couldn’t have been more diverse – I’m thinking I won’t get a high response rate from this!)

As for the Big Blogger thing – well all I could do is reciprocate by nominating him and see if we both end up incarcerated together…

Big Blogger 2007

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Nmm – saves bugging your mates!!
    Nursie – just try and remember how cold it is down there! But the surf was nice (and the cake)

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