The balance of life…

If I was to do something bad I would expect that life would react. It’s not a tit for tat ‘if I tread on an ant’ thing but things do have a habit of coming around. I had a theory when working in London that even the tiniest moment of altruistic tendancy such as letting a slowly steaming car driver out of a side road would have a knock on effect that would ripple across the entire city. You dissipate a miniscule amount of tension from that one persons life – they then go on to be slightly less horrid to whoever they were due to be horrid to and the wheel of kharma rolls on making the capital a slightly more bearable place to be…

On monday I hitched my truck to Ollies oversized caravan – a twin axle stippled aluminium beauty with embossed tinted windows. A trailer that would sit proudly any where in the UK guarded by rottweilers and surrounded by broken washing machines. I checked the safety line and the light connections, double checked the ball hitch, kicked the wheels and we set off.

Two kilometres down the road there was a small thud thirty feet behind us as one of the offside trailer wheels came loose and bounded across the road. Coincidentally coming in the opposite direction was a fellow Englishman (although he purports to be Scottish) whose vehicle was narrowly missed by the bouncing projectile. A second later and that wheel could have shot straight through his windshield and taken his tiny head off.
Now I’m not saying that if kharma was a more definitive force in the universe that he would have deserved that fate (for example if he had done some terrible life shattering wrong to an innocent and undeserving person that no amount of snivelling could mend) but maybe he’ll look over his shoulder a little more often wondering if the powers that be have any more close calls in store…

The reason for the wheel dismounting so dramatically was a random case of miscommunication between three people during a tyre change. Twelve wheelnuts were tightened and four were not. It could have come off at any time during a four hour journey or maybe not at all.

Life is a strange and fascinating thing.

I didn’t surf today but I did think about the surf convoy


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