The best of intentions (alt. title ‘whelk’s chance in a supernova’)…

Okay – so here’s the plan –

Friday – spend the day with my clients pointing at taps and light fittings going ‘ooh loverly’ and ‘hmmm not sure about that’ – then jump in the car, drive very slowly and carefully to my truck (conveniently parked at the beach), grab a surfboard, throw on a wetsuit and surf. Then drink a large brandy, a small coffee, maybe a fruity cocktail and go to bed.

Saturday – get up and go for a surf – then drive (again very slowly and carefully) to the Algarve – surf again – then meet Lars for his birthday barbeque – drink a small amount so I don’t have a hangover – play blues harp and guitar for a bit – go to bar (without drinking too much again) – go to bed again.

Sunday – get up feeling fab and perky – go for a surf – then drive (you know how) to Peniche – surf again – then drive home (not forgetting to go to bed).

Monday – get up and head to work feeling fresh as a bunch of daisies.

Personally I’m detecting several weak points in this plan but they do say that failing in an endeavour is a growing experience. I’m sure I shall be feeling very grown up indeed after the weekend.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. I wonder if I happen to know this Lars of the Algarve. Does he happen to be a German that once used to(might still) work for a surf camp in Sagres and Carrapateira…with a surf shop in Lagos?
    Do you happen to know Sergio?

    Just wondering…

  2. Have a great surf trip by the way! I recommend that you take all the time necessary to achieve these goals. ‘Tis important to take pride in your work.

  3. It sounds suspiciously like the Lars I know and love. If you go to the gallery (top left menu) and scroll down to ‘Tailgate blues’ you’ll find a pic of me and Lars at it on my tailgate!
    Don’t think I’ve met sergio…

  4. nope, it’s not the Lars I met down in the Algarve.

    Nonetheless, have a great time, and happy birthday Lars.

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