The Big One…

…actually it’s a very short one. The film that is.

I cobbled together a short animation of my chubby, punk surfer from chapter 9 of Papersurfer. If you already have the book you can recreate this effect at home with a small pot of white paint, a sharp pair of scissors, some ordinary household bleach and a can of peaches.

The soundtrack I’ve chosen is ‘F-stop blues’. It was written by Jack Johnson during his filming of ‘September Sessions’ – a very excellent surf movie filmed in South East Asia. I chose it partly because I like the song and the film but mostly because I know several people who find Jack Johnson exceedingly annoying.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Hey nice animation i especially like the beginning very clever!.

    It was good seeing you if only for a short time, i was surprised that you left so quickly, you missed another clean day in the water yesterday evening.

    until next time

  2. excellent.

    if that’s a self-portrait….you need glasses & a mirror. 😉

    lovely tail block on that board.

    ps: …did you get my reply?

    1. Maybe it’s a vision of the future? As long as I’m still smiling and surfing that would be okay.
      PS: …yes I did. A present is on it’s way… x

      1. Wheeeeee!!!! I got a package! A present! A package! (I never get packages!)

        Thank you kindly Mr. Crockett! I’m going to start reading right now! ….even though I’m still at work. Hee!

        very cool….

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