23 Replies to “The dark side of Snow White…”

  1. Luckily Disney decided at the last minute not to include the 8th dwarf, “Inappropriately Touchy.”

    Could’ve made for some awkward parent-child discussions…

    1. I should probably write something witty about seeing which one is the fairest of all. It’s late, it’s been a long day and I can’t be arsed… x

  2. The hussy – but I always did think she wore too much make-up for a real lidy. Thank goodness it’s only their noses hanging over the end of the bed…….

  3. first Pooh then Snow White is no one safe on here ??… next you will be posting Cinders true shoe size and Dumbo’s parentage.. (always in doubt as he was delivered in a folded up hanky by a Stork !!)…

    1. There is no safety here. The nicer, cleaner, more altruistic and loverly you are the more depraved, bitter and twisted the portrayal will be…

      So everyone here is pretty safe I reckon x.

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