The day of rest…

Several days ago I posted about the ridiculous heat that was somewhat hampering progress at the Grindstone. Perfect for the weekend however, lounging by the river supping an ice cold Magners (yes I still have one left!) and an ice cream or two – until I awoke this morning to a heavily looming sky.

For several hours I debated the pros and cons of legging it up to work and strapping a tarpaulin over the roof. It couldn’t possibly rain – it’s July and I have third degree burns on my cranium.  I debated a tad too long – it has been pissing down all day (most of it apparently on my clients new roof. You know – the one with no tiles on it!).

So I’ve had a loverly day off in the rain. Making makeshift guttering and mopping up pools of water.

Dylan has been an angel – sitting in the car reading ‘the case of the Killer Tomatoes’ whilst I have gradually been having a sense of humour failure.

I love this country. I hate this country. Love it . Hate it.  Grrrr.

No I didn’t bloody surf today so don’t even ask.

Oh, but here’s some lazy photos I shot whilst sitting in the bar the other day. Just to cheer me up…

baleal unknown

…not the best waves in the world but this guy was making the most of it.


  1. Sorry…. my fault. It always rains when I wash my car. Next time I’ll give you fair warning before I take her to the wash.

  2. hehehe…. unfortunately no. That beauty is currently in the hands of (my real) dad….she’s a never-ending project. (Keeps him busy & gives him something to bitch about. The perfect parent-sitter…)

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