The dust settles…


…and a moment of tranquility is found.

There are a myriad of beautiful moments during the lengthy and arduous process of building your own house – when the roof is pitched and the rain is turned away, or when the electricity is connected and light fills the previously dark corners. The windows turn a shell into a house and pipes bring life to showers, taps and washing machines. Doors, floors, tiles and paint – all fantastic.

But the best moment of all, as Papersurfer Junior is sleeping soundly in his new bedroom, the sun slipping behind the Serra de Lousã, is sinking into the new sofa and watching CSI with Tango

(I haven’t surfed for bleedin’ ages so don’t even go there…)


  1. Nice flat screen fire …..

    A new sofa!!!!!?! – excellent, that means I can visit – what’s the address BTW? …….. hello? ……… hello? ……………… oh poo …….

  2. I hope you had a suitably moving ceremony for the old one – a Viking funeral perhaps? [I’m talking about the sofa, btw.]

  3. LOVELY!!!

    btw…that khaki/sage couch with the cream/white trim?….same as mine. (tell me the accountant picked that out…) LOL! 😉

  4. yo!!!!
    nice flat!!!!
    great job mate!!
    soooooooooooo now you can get your ass back to beach?!!!
    6276432106 portugies are waiting for you on the beach! ;))

    1. Not knowing the next thing in the once, twice, thrice sequence I’ll just go for a ta very much.

      I hope you live nearer the sea than I do. The surf is rubbish up here in the hills…

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