The end of summer…

Rainy day in almagreira...

…it had to come sometime I suppose. You can’t spend your life swanning around in boardshorts and Hawaiian shirts forever you know.

Coinciding beautifully with my loverly infestation of lung molluscs the heavens opened and God did spew his wrath upon the tiny campers below. AD was trapped in his miniature motorhome during the onslaught as the campsite turned into a tropical rainforest for the afternoon (without being very tropical)(or the slightest hint of a forest).

The following evening the clouds lifted, the sun burst forth and for a few brief moments before dark the sky lit up like a crusty juggler on dole day.

Campsite sunset

I’m currently in the Algarve – attempting to prolong the summer for few more days and seeking guidance and care from my beloved parental influences. Never let it be said that optimism is lacking in my list of character traits.

The giant antibiotic pills I’ve been shoehorning down my neck for a week have made me immune to even the harshest of germ warfare attacks so surfing may be a possibility at some point soon – I shall no doubt let you know…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. small but rather luxurious mr p.
    we are back in the 3/2 s the water is warm and the swell very accomodating.
    see you 2moro 1sh.
    sorry about spalling.

  2. Nursie – a ‘crusty’ is a dirt encrusted hippy/traveller with a desire to avoid soap and any form of interaction with normal society. ‘Dole day’ is when a ‘crusty’ would go to the unemployment office to pick up their cheque to spend immediately o alcohol or hash. Or both…
    I can speak on this matter with great authority as I was one once.

    UDH – your son is very wise. Any more rain and he could have surfed out of his van…

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