The last post…

…somebody asked me recently ‘why do you blog?’.

I couldn’t come up with a reasonable answer.

So that’s that then…

I didn’t surf today either.


  1. Someone recently posed the question, “Do you blog about life’s happenings, or do you actually do or seek out things on a daily basis solely to blog about them later?

    I fear I may be shifting to the “Live to blog” side…

  2. In all seriousness, you do need a reason to blog, otherwise the senselessness of the blog will come through in the posts.

    I say you’ve made a good decision if blogging for you no longer has a purpose – especially if that purpose was mainly to have fun with it.

    Wishing you good surfing wherever you are.

      1. I’m a Darwinist myself – on the other hand, looking at your father, as I have to do every now and then, it’s difficult to believe in evolution.

      1. Don´t listen to her – everything that has come out of that kitchen has been entirely edible. Surfing is a good idea though…

  3. There appears to be some kind of ‘shut up shop’ disease going around, causing bloggers to pack up left, right and centre.
    I’d like to say that you’ll miss it too much and be back sometime, but I’ve been wrong before.
    Whatever you decide to do, just remember that not only did you enjoy it, but we (the readers) did too.

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