The lost art of…


…well moaning really.

Obviously I’m extremely well qualified to spot a droning stream of drivellous ranting from years of living under the slightly leaky roof of the Old Git’s care and also fairly adept at achieving a state of temporary deafness during the aforementioned verbal onslaught. Recently I’ve noticed a huge tendency amongst geriatrically inclined individuals to reject media technology advancement as the ‘lost art’ of it’s predecessor.

In particular digital manipulation of images comes under fire whether still or animated. Anybody that has booted up any software more advanced than Wordpad will appreciate the extreme depth of skill required to make real sense of things like Photoshop or beyond and the digital versions of photographic editing are often far harder to truly master than their original incarnations.

I’d like to see the journalist that was recently grieving the death of the lost art of Gerry Anderson style puppetry have a go at reproducing ‘The Incredibles’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’ next time he opened up Paintpad on his Powerbook. The artists that make these amazing works have spent half their lives mastering these skills that bring us such awesome spectacles of televisual entertainment.

Personally I reckon I could learn to walk like Captain Scarlet by lunchtime if I really put my mind to it…

I didn’t surf today.

PS I love Thunderbirds et al. It’s journalists that write CGI off as ‘a computer key-stroke’ that get on my tits…


  1. I’ve had to witness him learning to walk like Captain Scarlet this morning – except for a certain gay gait, he mastered it in about 10 minutes. I, for one, was impressed and depressed at the same time.

  2. camptain scarlet? i think its the missing link in your look,just dont do it in your wet suit as im usually next to you.

  3. PS – just seen the surf report for Lagide – 28.5 ft with a 16 sec period! If you were a real man you’d get down there and catch a few….

  4. Ah yes ….’The I remember when’ syndrome …well I’d far rather be here now than way back then…and when it was way back then they were all complaining about ‘the good old days’…..Lets stick to NOW and be thankful ….

    The shipping forcast this morning was for gale’s in trafalgar…… that’s your surfing ground no? That must be the 28.5ft waves!!!!

  5. NM and baby…I’ll check this out for you when I meet penfold for wine tasting later…..he may be exaggerating of course….

  6. of course i would be at lagide right now! if it wasnt for the bloody goo that is oozing from my ear and the tablets oh the tablets they make me dribble.

  7. yeh the truth of it is the goo from AD ear would be blown away by the gale force winds, or blasted out by the hail stones, great fun to be had down hear in flyma

  8. well happy new year until we meet at a`bay or colombo airport bar in april.
    but seriously folks if you can`t think of anything else to do surfing in sri lanka in april should be good fun,any takers ?
    in case anyone is interested its really rather nice in Piha ,NZ at the moment and can i recommend campalowhum as a fabulous mid summer musical event too.
    Until i see you again,adios mate Hugenkins

    AD,as a trained health professional; have you tried maciera to ease the discomfort?

    And Olly are you coming down under dude ??

    ps “what never,ever ?”

  9. AD baby – that’ sounds revolting. Snuggle up warm and don’t smoke too much. I prescribe a hot toddy or two…

    Happy New Doodah to you too Dolphinium. Hope all is groovy down there in Flymagreira. See you soon I hope…. x

    Well Nursie I don’t let just anyone see my tits. Let alone spill the beans on them. As it were….
    Rest assured they are firm and manly and in no need of a man-bra… xxx

  10. yep he’s right …..about the tits…hey and I’m not ‘just anyone’…remember that otherwise I’ll have to tell DP how rude you are 😉 x

  11. hey hugenkins good to hear from ya an ill be down over sooner than most would believe!!

    hey sharkey how did you know i got a new doodah!!

    KPX please no AD goo in my ear please i didnt mean to imply anything with the old thing

  12. Hey BB – didn’t see you there – you slipped into moderation for some reason. Happy New Year to you too mate…

    Huwj old bean! Happy New thingies to you too me old scrubber. Will bell you about the surf in Sri Lanka plan. It’s got to be a good idea surely – it was hatched over a table full of empty glasses in the small hours of the morning. What could possibly go wrong…?

    Hey BT – thanks for the cup of tea earlier! I think DP may already know that…. x

  13. happy new year to all you papersurfers.

    as for your post… absobloodylutely.

    I’m still not sure who has (or is supposed to have) the gay gait, you or captain scarlet?

  14. You’re very welcome re the tea …it was a real treat to see you….and I will keep DaddyP’s name a secret……it’s probable the best thing to do ….

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