The Mentalist…

baleal midday gazing

I can count the days I’ve spent surfing this year using the contents of my pants. This is not a good statistic.

Life has been bowling me along for months in a dusty cloud of cement and sawdust and surfing has been slipping deeper into my mind. So deep that somedays it becomes a strange daydream about a life I thought about once.

Luckily I have a friend who is a mentalist. Not a total nutter who is prone to bouts of certifiable insanity that teeters on the brink of social disorder (although on reflection he has the capability of all of this) but a controller of minds using nothing but his intellect and wisdom…

Phone rings…

DB: Hey Sharky (his pet name for me)

Me: Hey Dolphin Boy (likewise)

DB: Did you know that I’m clairvoyant and that I know what you’re doing tomorrow morning…

…enigmatic pause…

Me: Tiling the bathroom?

DB: Nope.

Me: Sanding the study ceiling?

DB: Nah.

Me: I give up.

DB: Going surfing with me at Cabadelo…

The spooky thing was… he was completely right. I did. And it was gooood….

I surfed today. Thank you kindly DB – I muchly needed that.


  1. The contents of your pants? You have at least some pocket change, don’t you? 🙂

    Glad to learn you did something you love today.

  2. one of my gentleman friends tried this, letting me know how i’d be spending a saturday night. he was right. mentalism rocks. fully.

    1. I fully intend to. Don’t tell the boss though.
      Ooh you’re sitting next to me – hello xxx

  3. As your mother I know the answer to this – but I’m still trying to work out how you can surf two and a half times?????

  4. thank you soooo much for the mental image of the contents of your pants : / wild imagination is now in check & may never wander again

    1. My apologies MumsyBeat. I shall keep the contents of my pants under wraps in future. Mostly.

    1. There’s some spare ones over here if you need them. I’ll put a reserved sticker on a few…

  5. Hello!Your dad left a comment for me because a posted a Cabedelo wave photo on my blog.In fact I posted it after reading in newspaper that the wave is going away.Now I read that you surfed there in July.Did you noticed any change back then?Local surfers are now saying that the ongoing construction on the quay is killing the surf wave in Cabedelo…

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