The Penfold seven…

…I’m slightly allergic to being tagged here at Papersurfer central. I come out in a memey coloured tag-train rash that screams ‘link to me link to me’. However – when the loverly Tango (grrr) tags me who am I to refuse her delightful request to divulge 7 things you wouldn’t care to know about Penfold…

  1. I hid my first tattoo from my mum for 2 years (after hearing her say ‘okay I can handle an earing but if you ever get a tattoo you’re out of here!’)
  2. I have a solitary hair that grows straight out of the top of my right ear (I pluck it).
  3. I love musicals. Nearly all of them. Anyone got a problem with that….?
  4. When I am turned into a streaming mucous factory by the curse that is hayfever I wander around the house with half a bogroll stuffed up my nostrils. Not pretty but keeps my carbon footprint down.
  5. I used to be a huge Rocky Horror fan and have wandered the streets of London and New york in a tailcoat and fishnets.
  6. Sometimes when I’m all alone I throw some well fierce 80’s tracks on the stereo and I do rubbish body-popping and robotics just like it was a school disco in 1986. Nice…
  7. I watch ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ every week. If I miss it – I youtube it (the UK version of Dancing with the Stars).

Normally at this point I’d tag the 7 newest blogs on FMB or somebody that really hates memes 7 times. Today I shall tag really famous bloggers – you just never know, they may still check their incoming links…

  1. Seth Godin
  2. Dooce
  3. Stephen Fry
  4. Wife in the North
  5. Petite Anglaise
  6. Girl with a one track mind
  7. Daddypapersurfer

I didn’t surf today.


  1. oh you stole 2 of my 7 so I had to re think (tattoos and musicals!!)Glad to say streaming mucous wasn’t wasn’t one of them .. suppose there is always a bright side of life 😉

    1. You can share the musicals. They should be shared. The whole world needs to watch ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’. At least twice.

    1. I normally went for a dishevelled Riff-raff/Frankenfurter type look. With far too much hairspray and vodka applied to the creation. Very attractive in a man…

      1. we thought so ;). Sorry all photo evidence is at squawkers residence….but am happy to disturb the little gerbil and get her to have a rummage if you want to show your friends the type of look you went fors I still have a set of dinner tails in the loft…mmmm…where are my fishnets…..

  2. Having witnessed the original 1986 school disco robotic body-popping I can definitely picture the “rubbishness”.

    I find the ear hair quite ironic.

    If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, come round and we’ll watch Rocky Horror. Off, that “High Society” 🙂

  3. locally produced honey for hayever my lovely…start the day with a big tablespoon and a large slice of lemon in hot water, works for me 🙂

    1. Huge doses of heavy duty antihistamines still doesn’t work for me (having tried all the ‘natural’ remedies). So I go for the mucous instead. It’s a charm…

      1. They have this splendidly horrific liqueur called ‘Pontes’ that they serve really hot that supposedly dissolves all trace of a cold and probably half of your brain too…

  4. Of course there was the time I got the electric toothbrush stuck up my ……. no, no – I really can’t imagine you want me to tell that story …… or the one about when you were tad younger and I accidentally let you pee in the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket. No, I definitely think I should keep these facts to myself ………

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