The perception factor…


I love the audition rounds of the X-factor.

What fascinates me is peoples perception of themselves and their loved ones.

Par example – how can an extremely large, fairly ugly (being kind at this point – she looked like she’d been run over by the ugly bus and then it reversed over her. Twice.) teenager who couldn’t sing her way out of a damp Tower Records bag think that she looks and sounds like Christina Aguileira? ….and how can her entire family and all of her friends tell her that she looks and sounds like that too? Does this mean that when they look at pop stars on TV they see large ugly people and when they listen to music they hear monotonal dronings? Or is it the exact opposite and they just see their beloved daughter in a hazy glow with the sound of angels cooing from her perfectly formed lips….????

Does this also mean that a vast amount of people out there have no concept of music and musicality and could literally listen to anything and hear it as music? Road diggers and traffic light beeps. White noise in between radio stations and passing jumbo jets. Life could be a huge blend of musical wonder or just a drab monotonous load of old bollocks – either way it makes great TV.

I normally lose interest when the real singers get through…
I didn’t surf today. I didn’t sing either (although my mum says I’m quite good so I might try next year….)


  1. We have this convo in our house after each of the heats, my teen and me, once we have stopped laughing!
    We have a number of theories…. their family and friends don’t really like them so are happy that they make complete fools of themselves in front of millions of viewers (bit like on here at times lol)….the same f&fs are tone deaf and have that angel image you describe….the ‘singers’ (and I do use that term in its lightest sense) are deluded and don’t understand what ‘you are completely crap’ means & finally there is a very large sandwich missing somewhere

  2. Hi your Pepperness – not yet but I shall be looking out for it…
    Ms Teen – would that be the sandwich that’s missing from my Dad’s picnic?
    DP – you have the voice of an angel and you look just like Christina Aguileira…
    Twinfin – right here goes *cof* ….
    er…. where’s everyone gone…?
    come back…!

  3. Thankyou mumsy. I think private is best. Car and shower shall be my stage…
    As for dad – I believe a small rabbit punch to the neck should improve things if only for the length of a Lily Allen CD.

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