The point.


Recently I presented a question relating to the point of blogging.

To many the point was the pointlessness. Or an open plan diary for you and the world to share. Or a stream of conciousness (or unconciousness in the case of the Old Git) to satiate a desire to communicate something to somebody somewhere….

I first started mine for a completely different reason – I wanted to learn how to build a website and get a podcast together – at the time I was starting to mix music again (unfortunately work has taken that desire from me for the moment) and I wanted to be able to share it with others. Rather than take the easy route I built a site from the ground up learning html and xml and all those fun ‘ml’ things tripping over each obstacle as I went and struggling through (the remnants of those pages are still in my archives). Then to facilitate the graphical side I started to get my head around Photoshop and Illustrator so I could make my own banners, buttons and widgets…

So all the while I was blogging almost as a side line. Then I finally added comments to the site and the whole thing sprang to life. I discovered that the stats I’d been getting were actually real people with real lives from the furthest reaches of the planet and they actually enjoyed what I was writing and in turn I was loving reading about their worlds and lives. My tiny isolated bubble that I’d been trapped in was growing and changing shape and I was starting to make friends such as Lucy, Lizza, Surftwin, Nursie, Kevin and Sylvie, Paula, Rachie, Jen and many more……

So months later I switched to wordpress so I could concentrate on the content and the communication. Now blogging has become a huge part of my life – I feel so disconnected where I live sometimes and it’s like a small vibrant web spreading out through the internet keeping me in contact with the rest of the world.

For some reason it’s also given me a boost to get back into things that I’d long discarded such as my photography and some artwork and then of course I get to rattle on endlessly about my greatest passion surfing. So all in all it has to be a good thing…

Cheers everybody for spending time here and thanks to all the other bloggers that put so much effort into their own sites for everybody else.

I didn’t surf today.

(This post can also be seen at ‘the Point’ the Fine Art of Blogging – Quasi fictional views)


  1. You are very welcome. If there’s anything else I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask your Mother.
    I set up my fantastic blog all on my own with no help from anyone at all – it’s almost instinctive – I think I am a techno natural.
    It is so lovely to hear that you appreciate every thing I do.
    All your friends are girlies [including Kevin -tee hee] – have you noticed?

  2. Old git – I’d be lost without you and your technical wizardry.
    I had noticed the girl thing – I seem to be inexplicably drawn to smart, attractive ladies. It must be genetic….
    Mumsy – I think one wishes that he was disconnected (from whatever machine is keeping him going).

  3. Well, I’m glad you blog. If you didn’t, you’d be depriving the world of your witty (and at times) touching posts, posts created with the wit you obviously inherited from, well, both of them (I can’t be deliberately nasty to DaddyP, though the temptation is strong).

  4. Ok you asked the other day why we do it and I gave you a funny answer, but here is why I really blog… I am hearing impaired and my verbal skills are somewhat challenged, I love to talk but communicating with more common methods is difficult sometimes … but I have so much I want to say and my blogging has become my voice, my way of saying it…

    You can to some degree perhaps understand this living in a place that they don’t speak your native language… its the same for me.

  5. Thanks Twinny – good to hear that somebody had some waveage today – how was it..?
    You are too kind loverly Lizza (definitely too kind to the Old Git….).
    Hey PQ – it’s good that we’ve all found a voice that we can share and communicate with – I do understand the frustration of communication difficulties and blogging is a great global connection for all of us.

  6. Penfold, like you I use blogging as an outlet to display all those little things that are crying out to be seen and heard but that life does not always allow. I love my blogging buddies, I do feel like I know you and your nutty that’s weird! I am very attached and moved by the fact that total strangers take time to read my blog when I know for a fact that friends and family don’t!
    Thank you Penfold!

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