The road to Tofino…

baby fern

…there are a few indescribably special places on the planet where human beings have had such little effect on the environment that the overwhelming sense of natural beauty and ancient serenity leave you almost breathless.

The west coast of Vancouver Island is one such place; virgin rainforest clinging to broken cliffs that fall into the icy waters of the Pacific. Lagoons and inlets swirling with the turquoise ocean that continually washes the skeletal remains of long dead tree limbs strewn across empty beaches.

The forests there are just awesome – 100 metre high timeless giants towering over a bed of new born ferns – some pines over 800 years old and still heading skyward, some now just petrified monuments, marking one of the few places on earth where trees can grow old and die in peace.

I’ve posted some pics on my flickr page if you fancy a perusal.

I reluctantly left Tango (grrr) in Vancouver a few days ago. We had a very fantastic trip. Did I mention she’s coming to Portugal…?

I didn’t surf today.


  1. gorgeous pics – what was that purple glow thingie? are you sure that it wasn’t you and tango emitting plasmonic pheromones or something? 🙂

  2. While in the Tofino area, make sure you go to Meares Island to walk the trails around the stunningly huge trees. You can get a ride out to the island from a local for not much, takes around 5 – 10 minutes. Another option is the hot springs, which are a fantastic experience situated as they are near the water in a narrow cove, though it’s expensive to get there and now too crowded at certain times.

    My first trip to Tofino was in the Summer of 1977 while still a teenager. At Long Beach we camped at the beach after walking through the forest for about 1km to Schooner Cove. It was totally isolated and peaceful.

    Went back a few years later – 1983 it was – and the place had been RUINED, totally ruined by the ugliest houses you ever saw plunked right at water’s edge. We found out later they had every right to build whatever they wanted there, because it was First Nations land. Nothing against native people, but they were the last people I’d have though with so little regard for the damage they might do to their surroundings. A real shame.

  3. Ma – he’s a tenuous bugger ain’t he…?

    Hi DB! Indeed you’re absolutely right I should have said ‘terribly spiffing’. How’s Flymagreira? Mix me a cocktail I’ll be home soon…

    Ms Fae – I have no idea where the glow came from. Weird isn’t it? I’m fairly sure it wasn’t the plasmonic pheromones but who knows?

    Welcome Ian – unfortunately we’re no longer there and missed out on Meares island. Sorry to hear that you thought the place was ruined – it all looked great to us. Development is inevitable I suppose but with a bit a of effort you can always find some seclusion and unspoilt parts of the world…

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