The view from my desk…

the view from my desk

…well before my dearest Papa (the Old Git) says ‘actually I think you’ll find that’s my desk’ the statement was rhetorical (and I think you’ll find that everything belongs to mum btw if you check the small print on the prenup).

Anyway the point being, if there was going to be one at all (which is seeming fairly unlikely at this stage in the proceedings), that you should always take a moment to look around. No matter where you are there may be something to see that will surprise, intrigue or delight you. On the other hand there may be bugger all – so keep your eyes open at some other juncture…

Thank you for listening. I shall be here all night – now here is a word from our sponsors…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. You own ‘that’ clock and a really ugly, broken bedside clock (But the man in the shop did let you have it at a reduced price, so that’s all right. He must have been thrilled to get rid of it.)

  2. neat pic – and i’m totally swiping the use of the words “robust lady” for my on-line dating profile. right next to “baits own fishing hook”…

  3. Dad – it was never really your clock was it…?

    Ma – ta x

    Ms Fae – how can you not pull with a profile like that? Don’t forget ‘likes nothing better than to open a good bottle of red and watch a DVD….’ x

    The Ambulator – thankyou that was just the type of image I was striving for (and that you should notice is somewhat concerning…)

  4. i’m all raised eyebrows in total wonder that you know real men who smoke tampax.

    can i place an order at the emporium for a penfold pillow case and the self cleaning sheep dip please (the knitted one if you still keep them in stock) thank you

    ps. i would like to pay in sausages x

  5. Crumbs! Who’d have thought that this rather witty, sophisticated, arty snap would generate a conversation of this calYber?

  6. me likey… i want to be just like you when i grow up – to that end have purchased the xsi & will practise till we meet again & can exchange notes.

  7. Ma – it is rather highbrow round these ‘ere parts ain’t it?

    Ms Beat – I’m not sure that will happen for either of us (the growing up bit). How’s the wife? x

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