The web of the wide world has gone mad…


…it seems that now there’s a fan club celebrating the mindless dribblings of a tedious old wazzock. Quite frankly I’d had enough of the internet when I got poked on Facebook for the 37th time today but now the entire super-information highway is strewn with the roadkill and the camel’s back has a slipped disc.

I bought some stamps today – next time you hear from me it’ll be via your real life mailbox. If I have your address (which I don’t).

I didn’t surf today.


  1. hi penfold!! err… i can give you my address! 🙂
    would love to get a stamp from (wherever you are), and probably a big huge box containing Wii at my doorstep. *giggles*

    wouldnt that be nice? *wonder*

  2. mate – if you are going to have a manperiod online then can you do it properly please. i want lots of drunken insane rambling, lashings of virtual tears and a thrown stilleto or two. some of us are trying to forget about our organic woes in this virtual space if you dont mind. i am off to troutslap you on facebook now to see if that might tip you over the edge completely. in the meantime may i suggest you go and kiss your son and thank whichever lord you worhsip for such a beautiful gift. x

  3. B4by – wii? How about a postcard from a cultural epicentre steeped in history and folklore?

    Teeny – thankyou. Not off just yet though…

    Olga – do they make great white whales (apart from Moby Dick of course)…? Regardless I envy you hugely being cetacean friendly too…

    Well Tango (if I may call you by your first name) does that make us all grumpyteers? Or Oldgiteers? Or just tiny wazzocks too…?
    PS – I’m quite excited. Are you? xxx

    DP – thanks I think I will. No you can’t join me – I already have company…

    Hey UDH. I’m really just warming up on the whole manstruation thing. I prayed to the great big God of chocolate muffins and gave Dylan a good duffing. Feel much better now… x

    Of course you can Nursie – especially when pertaining to my dear father…

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