The World Blog Council…


…somebody in that office actually took the time to send me this rejected certificate (probably that dried up old haddock Ms Tutt – the female equivalent of a git if I ever I met one).

Everywhere I go that pompous wazzock (who thinks he’s a real Colonel) has been there before, spreading his outdated principals and antiquated drivel. Oh and don’t get me started on Frau Von Sauertraut stomping around the Blogosphere like a Gestapo agent – reciting mandate and dictating procedure (although I do find her strangely attractive… interesting).

Sod ’em I say. This is the *BLT right here – if anyone wants to rise up in rebellion against these totalitarian dinosaurs then join hands with me brothers and sisters. Let’s fight the system. This is a revolution!

Well it would be if I could be bothered. I’m going back to bed. Nite x.

I didn’t surf today. I was too busy burning my man-bra.

*Blogworld Liberation Tigers


  1. “Man-bra” = “bro”

    Burn, baby, burn… i’m going to torch some ether on this side of the planet. not sure what (or who) we’re rebelling against, but i’m all about the rebellion!

    1. What do we want?
      Well a cheese sandwich would be nice…?
      When do we want it?
      Whenever it’s convenient..?

      Welcome to the cause sister!

  2. Herr Papersurfer, you continue to disappoint me. You und your BLT will be investigated. Und I may have to intervene during this investigation.

    Also, you are not korrekt, I am much too youthful to be a dinosaur.

    1. Don’t come round here with your Princess Leia buns getting all 4th Reich on me.
      Has anyone ever told you that you have very interesting shoulders…?

    1. Go to and upload a piccy. It then gets associated with the email address you put in the comment form. Peasy.

        1. okay, i went to gravatar, read the instructions….scratched my head alot, wondered if the guy in the green tshirt used to be jesus and have come back here. help? pleeeease?

          1. Sorry I missed your previous plea. You have to register and then upload a pic and then associate it with an email address and then use that email address on comments. x

    1. Ah – Haddock Face! Nice to see you not wearing hessian for a change. Still blowing smoke up the Colonels trouser leg though I see…

  3. wait a minute? we’re rebelling against a crunchy woman with danish strapped to her head and a freakin’ gerbil? i’ll need tomato on my cheese sandwich. and perhaps a small pickle…

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