There are some things that you don’t know about me…


…and I posted them at the Fuelmyblog blog… see you over there.

I didn’t surf today. I did have an early Christmas lunch with my family in a pub – the food was distinctly average but the company was loverly…


  1. went to fig da foz today with ollie,no wct event but it was 5ft no wind and classic.
    sorry for this information as it may result in a sense of humor failure on your part,this is not intended on my part.
    oh did i mention only 10 people and 3 peaks hehe

  2. Strangely Twinny the Guardia Civil didn’t specify that either…

    Hey Nursie – I was going to start the ‘parrot liberation front’ with a friend of mine a few years back saving all the bedraggled parrots chained to perches outside bars in Portugal but we could never quite work out what to do with them. Maybe I’ll build an enormous aviary one day…
    I’m looking forward to my plate of green chicken and I’ll have a look at that toe for you x

  3. Merry Christmas Penfold….did you make it to that den of pure pleasure in the Palace?….I’ll look out for you… x x x

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