There is a disturbance in the Blogiverse…


…the third generation of Papersurfer blogging has started. I have a feeling that this one won’t be quite so prolific as the others for a while but the first post is up and is making a statement. Creative input on header design was 100% and content was ruthlessly edited by the boy in charge.

Welcome to the blogiverse Papersurfer Junior and may the Lord have mercy on your soul…

I didn’t surf today.

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  1. Mister Woppit – good to see you out and about in the blogosphere! Indeed. I shall be beating him squarely when next he crosses my path. The pesky blighter…

  2. I hope you have taught him well in the world of blog (i suppose that goes without saying!) Won’t post on his site I may scare him (god knows what his gramps may say about me lol !!!) I wish him loads luck (long may he blog) and what an absolutely brilliant way it is for you all keeping in touch 🙂

  3. I think it’s the only decent way to keep in touch with DP!
    I prefer real time with PSJ and I fear he may be a biannual post kind of blogger…

  4. adorable. just don’t tell MY kids that they’re allowed a blog… the internet would be flooded with drawings of “mummy, daddy, me, my sister, my granny, my house, and my imaginary pink pony”.

  5. Lucy – what makes you think that my bot won’t do the same? He loves pink ponies…. (so do I now I think about it)

    Tweeny – the hard thing is that DP is coming over here soon. Very disturbing indeed…

    Hey Loverly Lizza – someone mentioned it ages ago about a 3rd generation doing it then he asked me the other day so we spent an afternoon building banners and setting it up. He may never use it again but it’s been fun so far…

    Ma. There you go trying to convince everybody we’re all actually related…

  6. Hmmm. I left the lad some encouragement to ignore the Daddy papersurfer’s prodding about his hair. It occurs to me that perhaps you don’t want the junior looking at all those red bra diary pictures I post.

    But maybe you do? It might save you a few bucks in National Enquirers.

    I shall not be offended if you take the link out of my name though, I hit ‘submit’ and a second later thought.. oh no! WordPress auto fills all that in when I’m logged into my blog and comment at another WP blog.


  7. Congrats proud papa! It may be time for the v-man to start his own blog as well. He’s started directing me on what content I’m aloud to use in my own blog.

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