Time to go…


…well it’s definitely not summer anymore – the frost isn’t melting during the day and quite frankly my extremities are feeling somewhat brittle. As much as I’d love to report that I’m off to Hawaii for the humpback breeding season I’ve decided on a bolder more radical migratory path.

So tomorrow morning at the crack of doom myself and Dylan shall be boarding flight TP334 from Oporto and flying due north into the eye of the storm. Yes – we’re going to be taking the reindeer by the horns – this year it’s Christmas in sunny Eastbourne. I’m hoping that after eating half a turkey Daddy P will drift into a slumber, dribbling quietly onto his pale blue sweatshirt (brand new for Crimbo) and Papersurfer Junior will insert Twiglets into his nasal cavities and decorate his beard with dried prunes…

It just doesn’t get any better than that…

If I don’t get around to rattling my keys beforehand then I wish all of you a bucket full of Christmas cheer and a giant New Year snog (and a cheeky bum squeeze) at the stroke of midnight.

I didn’t surf today. I wonder what the surf is like in Eastbourne….?


  1. Don’t worry young fellamylad, the interweavey thingy is up and running in this neck of the woods.

    I looooooooooove Twiglets, wherever they’re placed.

    New sweat shirt?!!!???? wow

  2. have oodles of fun over the festivities. I hope you get everything you wish for and Jnr doesn’t disappoint us on the Twiglet quest.

    ooo a snog at midnight and a cheeky bum squeeze, lovely as long it ain’t gt uncle Tom dressed as a fairy lol 😀

  3. Have yourself a great trip and a wonderful Christmas time!

    Joyeux Noël & une bonne année remplie d’amour, de santé, de grosses vagues et surtout de temps afin d’en profiter!


  4. ..pourquoi tous les commentaires en francais? Je ne parle pas un mot de Francais…
    Mais joyeux Noel aussi. C’est la meme chose pour le monde entier…..

  5. Yeah yeah Huwj – smug Kiwi gits with your rubbish summer nonsense. I love being cold and wet – it’s what we Brits live for…
    Have a great Crimbo. See you soon I hope! xxx

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