Too old to skate?

The majority of people cruising into middle-age might mark the transition with an instigation of a pension plan or buying some nice brown slacks. I realised today that I may be in the midst of some form of denial period of my life and although my cranial follicle count is dwindling on a daily basis and my previously ginger beard is thankfully turning grey I still believe myself to be in my late teens.

I have decided to confront my current dilemma with a very important compromise to my previously youthful exuberence and have been shopping online for a new skateboard. No longer shall I be riding a 29″ x 8″ deck with 50mm hard wheels but am buying an old man’s cruiser with a 38″ x 9.25″ deck bearing 60mm soft wheels. Bearing in mind that I am a truly rubbish skater this is a very sensible and mature move.

I no longer bounce when I hit concrete – just a dull thudding noise followed by a small whimper.

Other modifications to ease the passage into the twilight years of my life shall include having less tattoos done this year, paying my tax bill and eating slightly more leafy, green salads.


I didn’t surf today. I fear I may be repeating myself.


  1. i never bounced when i fell off things, ever. not even when small.
    being ALMOST as old as you, but really not quite THAT old, I do feel your pain. I am still a teenager and sat in the car the other day, waiting for the leccy man to arrive at the farm, and pulled out all the grey hairs on my head I could see and reach. It took a long time. I am in DEEP denial.
    I understand nothing of the rubber wheels of which you speak. but I trust you’re doing the right thing.

    1. At least you can meander peacefully through your existence knowing that you’ll never be as old as me. Or as bald. Unless you keep pulling out grey hairs in which case you may have to get a hat. Or several – like I do…

    1. Not quite – in ’73 I would have had a bowl haircut and a tanktop. That would be Jim Muir – one of the original Dogtown skaters that took surfing to the streets in the 70’s…

  2. maybe instead of the 60mm soft wheels you could buy one of those big air filled bubbles & roll around the skate park with that… of course tag the board on the inside or outside as you will…

    sounds safe.
    you won’t stick out.
    no one will notice you are going grey.

  3. hi from Mexico, i love it here, but i am getting hammered by the double over my head waves when i get in the sea but i am still laughing. Hmm pension or house or work or grow up or Mexico holiday, hmm let me think, ill take the latter!!
    hope all is well with you hows the brain weavle doing?

    1. DB old bean! Cripes I thought the banditos had got you. All is good – brain weevils seem to be on the retreat. Tim coming over from Sri Lanka in a week so will have to go for a surf. Rude not to really. Hope you are having a blast – take care and see you soon!

  4. i’ve gone back to legwarmers, listening to Prince and chewing gum – actually if i am totally honest i never stopped its just that now i am middle aged i do it in public. xxx

  5. Aloha PaperSurfer! We are moving to Portugal as soon as our house sells here in the USA. Being a crusty die-hard surfer/skater, who skated California during the whole Dogtown movement up until even now,..perhaps we shall have the privledge of building a decent ramp and keeping gravity at bay. I am convinced of the benefits surfing and skating has on one’s health, mind and general ability to move. We will be buying ruins and restoring for income while having a place to live, hope to get in touch with you when the day arrives. Cheers, Jon

    1. Welcome Jon. Strangely I had a company called Themeworks that revamped tired nightclubs a few years back.
      Always good to meet someone else with a passion for throwing themselves down the face of slopey things.
      There are a few reasonable parks dotted round Portugal – none near here at the moment but my son has plans for me to build a mini-ramp soon.

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