Touch the sky

moody sky

This tune has undergone vast changes recently. It transformed from a strange pixie waltz to a deranged calypso and finally settled as it is.

Currently a moochy, groovy thing. Formulated in Cubase again – with hints of Toni Braxton but not enough to upset anybody…

WARNING: Do NOT play on laptop speakers as the lack of bass may affect your grooviness.

(I’ve started to upload at 96 Kbps so it downloads quicker for people with slower connections – if you want a higher quality file please let me know)


    1. It did have a charming nature that would have endured through the ages. Unfortunately the delete button was utilised to great effect… x

    1. I’m sure I don’t know to what your are alluding my dearest pater.

      Mayhaps you should find another arboreal manifestation unto which you can utter your canine indignations.

      1. I’m thinking’ REAL evil ‘have the last laugh’ thoughts on DP with this one, Penfold.

        Very nice. The sampling for the lower bandwidth better than I’ve seen many do, good quality.

        Snatches your mind thinkin’ nasty/hot/”about time” the longer you listen to it.

        1. Thank you kindly Mr C. I’m not sure having the last laugh works with my father – he just seems to keep on probing those places he ought not to be probing. For ever. A lot.
          Best just to ignore him and hope he goes away…

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