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jay in fig tree

Having recently lost my Twitter virginity I was slightly confused by the utter pointlessness of knowing what a gazillion people that I don’t know were having for breakfast. That, coupled with the general clunkiness of the whole Twitter experience (having to refresh to get updates being the main issue) nearly led to my Twittery demise.

However, I have since discovered Twitterfox, which is a Firefox plugin (you still use Internet Explorer? Shame on you internet dinosaur person…) that neatly puts Twitter into a tiny pop-up window in the corner of your browser. It updates automatically and allows you to have a notification sound file. I have a nice tweety bird singing like it was a fresh day in spring when a friend adds a Tweet (which it is coincidentally – so that’s all panned out beautifully).

If you want to use the same tweety bird singing then right click on the link below and save to your ‘my sounds’ folder.

tweety bird sound file

I have a plethera of short, non-offensive sound files. If anybody wants me to post them  just let me know.

I didn’t surf today. Going next week I think. Yay…


  1. Oh my, I would go NUTS if my computer tweeted every time someone I followed did. I use TweetDeck and had to turn the sound notification off. You’re a better man than I. πŸ˜‰

    1. It only tweets every 10 minutes or so (very quietly). It’s quite soothing. I’ll probably change it to Homer burping later.
      Reminds me of my father…

  2. i have absolutely NO idea what you are all talking about. you could be talking about surfing but i am guessing not with mentions of soundfiles and plugins. i do like the idea of losing a virginity again though so i’m off to have a look….will i need a virtual condom? xx

  3. the whole twitter thing terrifies me – but then i am a dinosaurish adopter… the tweeter thing would have the cats all over my desk – oh yeah – they already are… & yay chrome – thanks tnb

    1. Twitter isn’t scary – just occasionally annoying (like the rest of the blogosphere) you just have to learn to ignore all the bits that you don’t like and read the bits you do…

  4. Firefox? Bah! After having my machine clunk around for a few days, I finally abandoned the Fox and am currently a Google Chrome man. Never (for the foreseeable future, at least) going back!

    1. Never had any problems with Firefox although I know a few that have. Chrome seems to be great apart from a few glitches on forms (buttons vanishing mostly). So far they seem to load at the same speed and display everything identically.

  5. I’d like to get those non-offensive sound files! I can be a “less is more” type person when it comes to customizing my PC experience.

  6. Hey, thats an awesome post. I was looking for a tweet sound that was short and sounded like a real or fake bird tweeting. Like maybe two tweets. ie:”tweet tweet.” lol If you have anything like this could you email it to me?


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