sniffy dog

…this blog has been a little bit podcasty recently and not so much bloggy. Not that I mind – for me it’s a fine line (of code) betwixt the two. But for those that hate electronica and thumpy, dancey musicy stuff then a few moments of calm may be required.

Let us take a minute to ponder the rich and wonderful world that envelops our lives. The multitudinous manifestations of inspirational magnitude. Let us walk through the forest of existence, meandering the path of our destinies. Maybe touch a tree’s weathered bough. Feel the winter’s breath in our (slightly thinning) hair. Bathe in the glorious embrace of the January sunshine.

Sniff a twig on the beach.

As you can see – this is a post about nothing. It is untitled. Serving no purpose apart from its own existence. It just is. As we all should be.

I didn’t surf today. I’m slightly busy existing. Maybe I should get out more…

More photos on my flickr pages.


  1. Hey man ….. I know where you’re coming from ….. I’m in that groove …….. just chilling and sniffing …… actually I’m getting told off for the sniffing ……… and the chilling [I didn’t close the back door properly] ……..

  2. i like the podcasty stuff… i simply have nothing useful to say about it, other than “wow. i like that. makes me wanna booty shake…”

    your corner of the interwebbery. use it any way you wanna…

    as for writing about nothing? doesn’t stop me…

  3. sniff a twig on the beach?
    have you been experimenting again?
    maybe you need a break?
    warm water/nice waves/hot sun/germans in thongs(not you tanya your from canaidia)i was thinking about lars. “invoulantry shudder follows”
    and when i say thinking about lars i didnt picture him in a thong and now! i fear ive said too much…

  4. slightly thinning?
    you see that’s what happens when you are in lurve….you go all floaty and content like…..good innit? xx

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