Waffles and ice cream…


Slightly fogged by a touch of man-flu my week has drifted past – I’ve battled through this hideous affliction and managed to extract myself from my duvet and thrust bravely into the social domain a few times. Dinner on wednesday was a luxurious affair – a circular table in one of the best restaurants on the west coast of Portugal – brimmimg with seabass, wreckfish, sirloin steak and wild boar with chestnuts. Tastes were shared, wine was poured and banter and laughter ensued.

After dinner the party split as my godson’s bedtime was breached. The remainders settled into a bar next to the harbour to nurse aƂĀ  brandy or two and attempt some grown up conversation. At some point attention was drawn toward the shop across the street with the sign ‘Crepes e Gofres’ – fairly obvious what the crepes were but the gofres? Nobody’s Portuguese had encountered that before so we decided that we would all have a gofre no matter what it was…

As soon as we marched through the door it became apparent by the huge photographs of ice cream covered waffles what was in store. Fantastic. Undeterred by his rusty accent during his many years absent from Portugal Huwj blundered straight into ordering his dessert whilst the rest of us perused the menu. I remember looking up and seeing the waitress ask him ‘are you sure?’ and wandering to the kitchen looking slightly bemused. When she returned with a large mug of milky coffee I figured there’d been a slight misunderstanding but then she scooped a large ball of lemon sorbet from a bowl and deposited it into the top of the coffee and plonked it right in front of his nose…

If you ever have the urge to try frozen dessert items in your coffee then I suggest that lemon sorbet is not the right place to start. Of course we all tried it in between pissing ourselves laughing. A taste sensation it was. Pleasant in any way it was not.

The splendid array of waffles and ice cream (especially the magnificently named ‘Gofrissimo’) that were successfully ordered were fantastic. I love learning new words…

I didn’t surf today. *sniff*


  1. hi penfold! the idea of a waffle with ice cream on top is brilliant! šŸ˜‰

    oh, poor you! you got a cold? get well soon! me too, but i guess im recovering now… šŸ˜‰

    off to madrid and paris next week!!

    *sniff snifffff*

  2. funny, though, the huwj-variety of gofre, as bad as it was, seemed to have got drunk. much like a lifeless body under a blanket next to a motorbike wreck gets gawked at.

  3. Love icecream in coffee or hot chocolate has to be vanilla though (eww lemon!!)
    snikkering sat at my desk ‘ice cream flavoured beaver!!’ šŸ™‚

    hope you are feeling better soon, mine has taken nearlt 2 weeks to shift, if you need some vic rubbing on your chest you only have to ask šŸ˜‰

  4. Hi Baby – hope you have a good holiday!

    Hey Foxy – the pics of the offending article are on their way (and the ones of the sorbet and coffee!)… x

    I agree about the vanilla Tweeny. The lemon was all wrong. Hmmm vicks. Chest. Rubbing. Ahhhh…..

  5. What on earth was Huwj attempting to order…did he say?…….

    Hot Lemon, ginger and honey with lashings of rum…the only cure for any sort of illness …especially man and girl flu

  6. i am not sure if gofre is technically a portuguese word(whatever that means), but i do know that here in Annecy, France you can’t walk 2 minutes without bumping into a place that sells gaufres. usually you find them smothered with nutella, sometimes you can find them with a scoop or 2 of icecream.

  7. speaking of other portuguese food inpired from other lands…go find yourself a Francesinha(as long as you are not you ar a vegeterian that is). It’s a very yummy much improved Croque Monsieur. Popular in Porto, not sure if they are easy to find elsewhere in Portugal.

    Just in case you haven’t already eaten one.

  8. Hey Twin – surfing’s rubbish anyway. Might not bother with it anymore…

    BT – he was trying for a hot waffle with the sorbet. Shit – I’m out of lemon. Oh and ginger. Don’t seem to have any honey. Rum I have…. ok then. Nighty all.

    Hi Mark – I’m a huge fan of the Francesinha. Although you’re right they are few and far between south of the Douro. Like a full fried breakfast in a sandwich covered in spicy baked bean sauce. Very nice…

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