Warning to all snails…

snail graffiti

…keep alert during during these long winter evenings – extra hours of darkness and lower air temperatures severely increase your chances of being vandalised.

By teeny tiny vandals.

(Bigger version here)

I didn’t surf today. (Thanks ‘Inner city snail‘ for most of the original picture!)


  1. hey shark bait nice pic how did you get the snail to stay still long enough?

    good luck with your hooter in england, so you can come surfing again soon

    1. Welcome Mr Baines. Pesky famous ‘underground’ artists trying to cash in on the snail scene. That’s all we need…

  2. Is that what you do with your snails? never mind vandals…we have a barbaric approach to snails where I am…glad to see you are making the most of the rain 😉

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