Weather report – Portugal…

windy climb

…blustery doesn’t quite cut it when trying to describe the last 24 hours on the west coast of Portugal. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised to see a cow fly past the window.

Unfortunately this has turned the sea into a seething mass of white angriness reducing my wavecount for the week to single figures. Luckily (?) this will give my recent (courtesy of Ryan Air) sinus hemorrhage time to heal – a fairly disgusting and traumatic ordeal that has somehow diminished my previous love for low-budget airlines.

I didn’t surf today – but I did have time to do a doodle (more at Flickr)


  1. good doodle…like it lots…reminds me of my life at the moment lol
    hope you and mrs papersurfer have battened down the hatches and you have enough tissues (the words sinus hemorrhage actually made me gag so thanks for that 🙂 )

    1. Am busy battening her hatches right now! Er…

      Mmm – sorry about the ‘sinus’ thing – it was a lot grosser in real life… eugh. x

    1. Don’t you bring your Southernist sensibilities round here Ms Teen – save that for the Old Git. Anyway us way-down-southerners are a different breed altogether…

    1. bovvered…

      come on pappy surfer…watcha gonna do…gurn me to death!!!!

      er…actually…maybe we could share it?

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