What are the chances…


…of meeting the ‘woman of your dreams’ in the blogiverse?

An interesting and challenging question to which there is no simple answer – but if a mathematical solution was attempted by my calculations it would go something like this…..

If x is the possibility then x=1x(fmb section rating)x(average technorati authority)x(average daily new visitors)/(number of blogs in existence)x(Daddy Papersurfer factor)…

So according to todays ratings and stats we show an answer of x=5x41x56/72.82millionx(DP)

Which is more or less 1 chance in 6,343 DP’s (where DP is anywhere from 1 to several million depending on how annoying he is that day and how likely having a father like that is to put off a potential girlfriend).

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So to summarise – it is exceedingly bleedin’ unlikely to meet the woman of your dreams in the blogiverse. Which makes me very lucky indeed…

I didn’t surf today. But I am going away (with the woman of my dreams) at the weekend…

(my apologies for sporadicity of posting and commenting – exceedingly busy right now)


  1. Your girlfriend’s [http://atomic-dogma.blogspot.com/ ] been hitting the mai tais again….. bless.

    [Wanted to put an embedded link but don’t know how]

  2. if it weren’t for such a happy reason, staring at some random extraction from Maxwell’s Equations on a Monday morning would send me screaming into the streets…

    but for what it’s worth, “B” relates to magnetism, and “E” relates to electric field… seems that you and the woman of your dreams got a lot of both going on!

  3. Oh my, that’s a lot of math first thing in the morning … can’t find my abacus to verify your calculations but at first glance I’d have to say, “Aw shucks, you’re making me blush … ” xxx

  4. woman of you or my dreams?!!!!!
    and what is with me?
    im sitting in peniche!
    i try to call ya boys. nothing!
    what is with “The lars of my dreams?! mmh?!
    just because im a germalander, you just cant
    kick me out like this!
    i have fealings!!! yes i do!

  5. At least you know what an embedded link is Ma – so that’s a start… x


    Ms Daisy – if I didn’t know what you were talking about you’d be scaring me right now – pesky geniuses all over the place being all brainy and that… x

    Blushing Ms Tango? That’s very unlike you. (I’m quite excited now…) …xoxox

    Sorry El Dudelrinjo but I think we both knew this time would come eventually. Can we still be friends…?

    Thank you BT – weshall do our best… x

    Sylvie – oooh. x

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