What do you think about Canadialand…?

gull boat vancouver
Several people have asked me since my arrival in Vancouver what I think of the place…

… well I’ve only been here a few days so a full and considered opinion is tricky but I can honestly say that the streets are extremely tidy and the seagulls are spotlessly clean.

I’ve survived being grilled by Tango’s Dad on my intentions and prospects. I’ve also been surrounded by her Urban Family on all flanks but so far everybody has been loverly and made me feel very welcome (I expect when I get deported they’ll do it very politely).

I’ve posted a few pics at flickr – the city and its surroundings are very photogenic so no doubt there will be more on the way. We’re heading south to Oregon in the next few days to see how cold the water is and to look for some waves (Tango is considering having surf lessons – I’ll keep you posted)…

I didn’t surf today. Canoodling trumps surfing…


  1. There’s an awful lot of vegetables in Vancouver, must be a very healthy place to live. Was the grilling very well done or medium rare and were you tenderised first?
    Tango surfing? piccies please.x
    P.S. I can see you!

  2. stop the presses! something trumps surfing? must be pretty special! canadialand rocks – except the arrogant, loud, neighbors ‘downstairs’…

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