When worlds collide…


Many people tell me that my life is blessed.

I have a perfect son. I live in a beautiful place in a fantastic country. I have some amazing friends and an even more amazing family…

…but it also has to be said that I’ve found the last few years incredibly difficult and no amount of reassurance that all is fine can empty your mind of certain pain and loss. I’d started to believe that I wasn’t attractive to anyone or deserving of another chance at meeting someone special. There have been brief moments that have lifted my hopes but practicalities (mostly the fact that I live in the arse end of the universe) have soon extinguished any flames (that and meeting complete nutters).

I recently spent the weekend with a group of stunningly bright and amusing women. All beautiful, creative and articulate (and passionate about their surfing!). With one in particular there was a massive collision of life – we talked endlessly discovering each others thoughts and dreams in a swirl of energy and light. I remember now how when such things happen the universe seems to expand a little to make way for a new combination of spirits. I could feel myself being lifted as the hours passed and a surge of life returning to some damaged corners of my heart.

This story doesn’t have a fairytale ending (yet) – practicality may determine the outcome again but I don’t feel sad about it – I feel recharged and have a tiny amount of confidence returning about life, love and the possibility of a future collision that may go nova……

So girls – if you ever read this. Thanks – you’re all gorgeous … and apparently so am I…

I didn’t surf today – for some reason I’m thinking about going to Indonesia at Christmas… 😉


  1. A massive collision of life…very nice.

    Grab the moments with both hands (and feet, and whatever else you can use) for they’re becoming rarer indeed. I truly hope all goes well.

    Indonesia at Christmas? Oooo, we’ll be in the same time zone!

  2. Hey Ma – you beat Dad to the comments box (whilst I kept him talking). Oh and tres humereux by the way…
    Hi Lizza – good advice. If the opportunity arises grabbing shall be at the top of my agenda. If you fancy a beer in Bali let me know…?

  3. Oh ha, keeping me talking on the phone while all this is going on!!
    Now, what was I going to say? – oh, poo, I’ve forgotten.
    Something about Dutch girls, surfing, Bali and who?
    No, it’s gone – might come back later.

  4. Of course I will. Just let me know too. I know you said something about Beelzebub dancing in a pipe before you can bring yourself to travel with DaddyP; just getting an update on whether that still holds true.

  5. Mark! What a beautfull statement. I feel recharged aswell and i am honered! Thank you so much fo the very very very special time and ehm Bali sounds really fucking great I think we do have to do that! Me and Nienke just got home about 2 hours ago! Miss your magic eyes and the redheadburstedoutlaughinglookingaway look! talk to you soon! big kiss and YES YOU ARE!!!

  6. Absolutely true – the prospect of travelling anywhere with the old git fills me with morbid fear (other than dropping him off at the Shady Pines Rest Home of course). Why? Did you want to see him surf?

  7. Hey lovely Noor – good to hear you got home! Check your emails when you get the chance.
    I think AD’s mojo may be somewhere in Clogland….
    Big kiss back!!!

  8. Waytogo Penfold.. when the cosmos collides and you chat/spend time with someone who has the same dreams and thoughts,je concour with Lizza ‘grab it with both hands’ .. delight in the moment and cherish every word…. anyone that repairs ‘some damaged corners of my heart’ is worth a thousand words & much more besides (well it does in my book for what it is worth)

  9. Delightful! Rather than get too caught up worrying about finding the fairytale ending, i’ve found it’s healthier to just immerse in the moments. I did that ‘forever’ thing. Didn’t last all that long in the end, although some would argue 25 years is a long time.

    A better plan is to enjoy the moments of cosmic connectivity wherever and whenever you find them. You never know what’s around the corner.

    Need i tell you? RIDE THAT WAVE! (no, not intended to have the ol’ double entendre… but i suppose that would be amusing)

  10. Hi Laura – I’d say that 25 years was a pretty good bash at forever these days. Always good advice – if there’s a wave get out there and ride it! Sound words that never kept me out of trouble – which is just how I like it….

  11. complete nutter?! if i weren’t so darn happy for you, i think i’d be offended. ha. i got the pot boiling, now where did i put that bunny? wink.

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