Whoever said…

misty morning 2

….it doesn’t rain in Portugal has obviously never been there.

Or they have a huge propensity for the utterance of untruths.

Or they have a mutation of that syndrome that turns wives into hats but for them it turns a larraping load of vertically descending precipitation into blistering sunshine and an abundance of dryness.

Or they’re mad.

Or all of the above.

I didn’t surf today but it did stop raining long enough to be foggy for a bit.


  1. all of the above …. do I win the prize??

    Only experienced ‘beer goggles’ the once thank goodness ..it was so frightening (& how difficult was it to shake him off?) lol

  2. Ms Daisy – good to know that quality control is as stringent on that side of the pond too…

    Tweeny – if the prize is for being one prawn short of a cocktail – you may well be in contention.
    Incidentally – how much beer did he have to drink…?

  3. I’ll deny it till his dying breath!
    My apologies for such downright rudery – I’ve been a tad under the weather for a few days and having spent a few weeks with the old git it must have rubbed off more than I thought….

  4. penfold, why is it seems like you are a complete package of an item called ‘different’ now?

    i feel so worried to say anything actually, but still… i wanted to say hi. so, HI! 🙂

    *smile but it cant put away the worried look*

  5. ahaaa…. there you are. hmm, kinda of miss you actually… been a while i havent make a pit stop in here…! 🙂

    dont change. i guess its the best! 🙂 (i talked crap, i know…. hehehe…)

  6. I haven’t seen the sky all year, but coincidentally I watched Awakenings yesterday! I’ve never read Mr. Sacks but the opera sounds strangely intriguing …

    I get the impression the apple doesn’t fall far from dP’s tree?

  7. Twinnegan – never had to chew the whole thing off but a sneaky dislocation or two may have been necessary way back when…

    Well Ms Bravo – you should get out into the wilderness more (I have a 650 Dakar you could borrow).
    I try and drop my fruit as far from DP’s reach as is humanely possible…

  8. go and get some organic lovin fella…or a dog….? either is good for whiling away those rainy hours when there isnt much else to do. wish i could oblige (with the OL not the dog obviously!) xxxx

    just seen a pic – ohh those arms…. sigh

  9. Thanks for the advice Miss UDH – not much available in the organic love department around these here parts (apart from the goat thing but I’m not getting into that discussion again). I shall have to settle for a rescreen of Notting Hill and a slab of fruit and nut on this rainy afternoon (if I can prise the boy away from the TV)…

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