WordPress blindness

cup of tea

Well that about finishes me off for the day. I have been struggling to get wordpress, phpmyadmin and a mySQL database sorted out all blinkin’ day. My host neglected to give me any ‘permissions’ – apparently.

The famous ‘5 minute install’ has turned into 5 hours!

This was supposed to be an exercise in making life easier for myself by not having to do a daily dose of code writing – obviously that was never going to be the case – but in the long run victory will be mine…

Anyway, my apologies for the ‘minimalist’ look – all will be back to normal when I get the time to customize the stylesheet properly.

If you are wondering where the rest of the site went it will be here for a few days.

Time for a nice cup of tea.


  1. Oh dear…..I’m very lucky I have a personal MAC helpline for my problems…..enjoy your tea

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