World blog council…

Having recently been voted in as the president of the WBC (it was a democratic process – no military action was detected and if there was then certainly none will reach the public domain with any credibility in tact) I have decided to execute my first action.
Obviously already having declared Lizza and her blog ‘non-fugly’ I would like to back up Lucy’s desire for less regulation and censorship within the blogiverse, offer any WBC assistance to Jen’s struggle for squirrel recognition and closely monitor Nursemyra’s desire to do whatever she likes with bananas.
So I have come to a unanimous descision with myself to do absolutely nothing and make no changes whatsoever.

It was a tough choice – some may suffer – others may not – some won’t give a toss.

I may declare that my Dad is a ‘fidiot’ or a ‘farsehole’ at a later date but that would hardly be a revelation now would it…?

I did surf today – I caught a screaming left – a loverly drop, raked a big bottom turn, hit the lip a couple of times and landed a floater.


  1. Lucy – My friend, my ally, my angel………………..hang on …………………dream?,………… as in nightmare?

    Son, just to clarify, is ‘farsehole’ what you meant to say, or is it one of your now famous typo’s and should read ‘farcehole’?

    [Mum’s well and sends her love. Hope you have a lovely time at the beach and only catch waves, not a nasty infection like the last time]


  2. Excellent, a one-man council! The virtual equivalent of “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” and all that. But more fun. Almost as much fun as having a fadorable dad.

  3. Lucinha – I fear it may be you that has misplaced her marbles (dreamboat? pfff)
    Nmm – yes you may, if you’re a good girl…
    Nursie – I was taught never to neglect my banana, you should take it on board.
    Jen – anything for the SLF!!
    Dad – don’t be a ftwat.
    Lizza – you can have him…

  4. Whats all this then. I hope you all realise that Penfold actually lives in Milton Keynes and as for surfing, he couldn’t find his arse with both hands and an atlas.
    As for the bloke who said he is in denial, well sadly the opposite is true, you would be hard pushed to name any foible or hidious perversion that he would deny having participated in.

    Here ends the lesson…for now.

  5. Thanks for those kind words ‘realsurfer’ – I think you should jack in that pedestrian lifestyle of yours and get down here and catch some real waves.
    (PS how is the wife and Dave the cat?)

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