World ranking…


According to Technorati I have a blog ranked 177,223 in the whole wide blogosherical universe.

Which means (me being rather mathematically inclined – according to that out of the 71 million blogs currently online Papersurfer is in the top 0.249%. Having also calculated my world ranking based on my statcounter and general comment activity (a very complicated logorhythmic flow chart that would be too involved to go into now) I am inclined to believe that Technorati ranking is a complete load of old toss. This is a scientifically proven result and cannot be argued with.

On the subject of surfing and why I am no longer at the beach – I was affected by the ‘weekend surfer’ phenomenon. In the UK the surfers from the south west corner of England call these DFL’s (down from London) on the west coat of Portugal we call them UFL’s (up from Lisbon) – they are a similar breed of aggressive, rude, snaking drop-ins who, because they don’t get much water time tend be somewhat over zealous in their attempts to catch waves. I’d like to think that in time they will mellow out and become more pleasant but having studied them at close range yesterday I think the best course of action is to surf on weekdays or drive up the coast and find some empty peaks.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Aggressive, rude, snaking dudes? And I thought all surfers were by nature congenial in addition to being sexy.

    Re Technorati, why does the bugger say I haven’t updated my blog in a million years? I’ve put the code where it should be put and pinged the Technorati gods a million times, all to no avail.

  2. Okay mumsy…
    Soph – that looks like fun – you ride the horse and I’ll be the one that gets hurt!!
    LL – well that would be true of all the surfers that I am friends with…
    As for the technorati thang – I assume that you’ve ticked the little box in your blogger settings that allows pings?? If still no joy write then an email – I had a prob a while back and they were surprisingly helpful…

  3. I don’t really understand all the number crunching for Technorati. But I seem to be holding up ok there. Meaningless, but kind of nice. I take is as a compliment from bloggers in general.

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