You can take the girl out of the city…

Tango (grrr) at sunset

I was worried that Tango (grrr) would miss the dulcet tones of the Vancouver Fire Department blaring it’s way down West Broadway at ridiculous o’clock or the benign rantings of the local window-licker arguing Russian politics with a bus stop. A lifetime in the city is a powerful draw – midnight delicatessan runs, Malasian takeouts, theatre, film and cultural manifestations on every corner. Being plucked from it’s hectic but somehow nurturing arms can leave you confronted with a great deal of space and quiet that can only be filled by your own thoughts…

Tango is looking pretty darned fine in the country too.

I didn’t surf today. I was too busy gazing…

27 Replies to “You can take the girl out of the city…”

      1. I remember studying ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ 100 years ago in one of my university art history classes – still one of my favourites.

        Is it just me or does that window make my bum look big? 😉

  1. Nice piccy. I thought it was a painting at first, it’s got that sort of light to it.

    My photography is coming along. I do a nice line in glacé cherries plopping into cocktail glasses with a rainbow for background.

  2. love the photo…kind of feels like that is how you see her if that makes sense. really beautiful. you are a clever and lucky squirrel. xxx

    1. random…
      PS – you, Mr Woppit and upsidedowneyhead all went to school together and you have no idea who the others are – that’s quite weird isn’t it…

  3. aw – there’s my girl. was beginning to wonder if she had survived thus far. miss you both. not so much in a sleep deprived haze as really never have two hands free… awkward moments

    1. Hey there mammabeat! You should dictate to your inhouse realtor – he must be handy on the keyboard. Give the tiny cowboy a squidge from us (hoping that isn’t your nickname for something else at this point!) xxx

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