I’m not big on youtube posting – especially when they are the deranged rantings of my own father (these actually make me feel like I have a six foot tapeworm gnawing through my insides which is slowly digesting my liver).

However, I have posted a couple of videos that me and Tango threw together after our excursion to Sri Lanka with my old friend Huwj.

There is some surfing (of the average variety), an exceedingly stoned tuk tuk driver, a few skinny cows and a very cool monk. What more could you ask for in a road movie…?

I didn’t surf today. I did freeze my proverbials off at Baleal on Thursday. Brrr…


  1. Pretty cool. That would more or less sum my experience of Lanka. Is that Hikkaduwa? I’d swear that I saw the guy with the hat and the red twinny out there.

    1. Welcome Mr Anonymous – it is Hikkaduwa. If you were there in April 2008 then you may well have seen him.
      I had a hat like that myself for a while – luckily I lost it…

      1. I wasn’t there then, (the year before), but I’d remember him I think – he took enough waves off me, the little bugger! 😉

        Great blog. I found you while cruising the Internet at work, and while trying to take my mind off being stuck inland. I loved the recent photo of the dog on the beach. Great stuff!

        Please keep it up… Thanks… 🙂

  2. The warm weather and waves make it all worth it. I’ll put Sri Lanka in my places to go list, exotic and lovely. Amazing video! I love the surfing part because I love seeing waves.

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